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Wondering how to continue your growth?


Stop wondering.

Start growing again.

We are fact-based growth strategists.

Customer Strategy was started in 2009 to help companies grow their top and bottom lines by

analyzing strategic opportunities, market trends, customer and channel needs, and business performance.

We synthesize these different inputs into revenue-generating recommendations.

Most of our work falls into three key areas:

Improve Customer Experiences        Identify Growth Strategy Roadmaps        Improve Marketing Performances

Our management team is made of former C-level executives from both major public and private enterprises. We are seasoned thinkers having held leadership positions at Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Company, Kraft Foods, and Georgia Pacific.

Get support and insights from a team that has stood in front of CEOs and Boards, and weighed and advocated opportunities. Because of this, you will receive pragmatic, financially sound business solutions.

Our service model is based on open communication, upfront but diplomatic presentation of information, and sound recommendations that result in documented growth for our clients.

Get the answers you need to grow your business.



Optimize Your Customer Experience

  • Journey Mapping

  • Barriers and Unmet Needs Analysis

  • Identifying Emotional Connections

  • Developing Cross Functional Integrations

  • Implementation and Exection

  • Assessing ROI


Customer Strategy makes revenue-resulting recommendations.

We do this by analyzing market trends, mining customer insights, researching competitors, sifting through business performance data and quantifying growth opportunities.


Our fact-based recommendations result in higher dollar sales and frequency of purchase, product and service introductions, increases in customer loyalty and shifts in marketing spend to higher ROI vehicles and channels.

Whether you have a program that isn’t generating the promised revenues, a customer type that is proving hard to crack, or are trying to optimize revenues in the digital channel, we can help. 
We customize our field tested analytical frameworks to address your business needs.

Optimize Customer/Buyer Experiences

  • Lean CX/UX Design

  • Journey Mapping

  • Barriers and Unmet Needs Analysis

  • Identifying Emotional Connections

  • Developing Cross Functional Integrations

  • Implementation and Execution Frameworks

  • Monitoring Feedback and ROI Measurement

Generate Growth Strategy Road Maps

  • Customer, Market, Brand and Product Growth Mapping

  • Customer Centric Design

  • Innovation Pathways and Market Sizing

  • Purchase Funnel Optimization (Awareness, Resonance, Conversion, Loyalty)

  • Customer Up Sell and Cross-Sell Strategy

  • Product Line Reviews

  • Channel Expansion

  • Competitive Threat Analysis

Improve Marketing and Sales Performance

  • Segmentation and Persona Development

  • Best Customer Assessment

  • Content and Messaging Optimization

  • Targeting Best Customers

  • Digital and Social Media Strategy 

  • CRM Strategy

  • Win - Loss Analysis

  • Sales Promotion Optimization

  • Performance Marketing Strategy



You need practical thinkers.

You need clever problem-solvers who will approach your questions from multiple angles.

You need pragmatic solutions.

You need persistent thinkers.

You need partners who are open to new challenges.

You want someone who believes that to every thing, there is a reason. And it is our job to find it.

Whatever business or marketing issue is on your mind, Customer Strategy can help you define the problem and find the answers.


That's one impressive toolkit.

(Thank you.)

Customer Strategy employs multiple diagnostic and strategic tools in order to generate success for clients. They fall into three main areas:


Customer & Consumer Insights          Strategic & Operational Planning           Customer and Shopper Analytics



Customer & Consumer Insights

Traditional (Survey Research, Focus Groups, One-on-Ones)

Ethnography & Shopper Research

Jobs to Be Done Analytics

Digital Analytics

Concept Testing

Customer Experience Analytics - NPS, Shopper Journey Mapping, 

Social Media Insights

Behavioral Science

Competitive Analysis

Customer and Shopper Analytics

Consumer & Shopper Segmentation

Brand Equity Key Drivers

Brand Extension Analytics

Conjoint and Discrete Choice



Price Optimization

Promotion Optimization

Customer Acquisition, Retention & Churn Modeling

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Analytics

Customer Lifetime Value

Best Customer Analysis

Digital Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Marketing ROI -- Marketing Mix & Multi Touch Attribution

Strategic & Operational Planning

Market Sizing

Competitor Threat Analysis

Annual Planning, KPIs & Measurement,

Brand, Product/Item, Channel & Retailer Projections

Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture

SWOT Analysis

Product Portfolio, Innovation/White Space & Line Extension Mapping

Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Planning & Gap Analysis

We got this.



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